Even the Light


Even the Light

You look out and the sunbeam blinks –
a difference in brightness
on the drooping seeds.

Some days nothing gets done.
We live with the unwashed,
with stacks of mail, the unfolded,

the incomplete. Phrases pop out
only to crawl away, and later,
reincarnated in other forms,

embed themselves just under
the skin, calcifying. Scratch
as you might, no relief appears.

Your tongue grows heavy
from shaping these words.
Even the light subtracts.

* * *


“Even the Light” was published in the May 2017 issue of La Presa.

22 thoughts on “Even the Light

  1. Some days, some weeks, some months nothing gets done but phrases scratched on a scrap of paper and misplaced live on. Once rediscover I always smile for they were written, even if I am the only person to ever have read them. I would like for my work to be seen….but….poetry is a selfish pursuit; we must write for ourselves knowing self-satisfaction may be our only reward. (All this sounds like my excuse for being too lazy to go through the an endless submission process! That’s ok. I’m smiling now)

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    • The submission process is a real pain in the neck, and so time consuming. Fortunately I’ve written enough to keep a steady supply of poems in the stream. But it took years to get to that stage, and I still sometimes wonder why I bother.

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