3 Poems Up at Sleet Magazine

My poems “Scarecrow Ascends,” “Before We Knew,” and “A Step Closer” have been published at Sleet Magazine. I am grateful to editor Susan Solomon for taking these poems.

40 thoughts on “3 Poems Up at Sleet Magazine

  1. “…the way you’d smiled and said, / from some place I’d never / witnessed before, come here, / now…” <<< Wow! This line, especially, takes my breath away!

    It seems Scarecrow isn't the only one who knows a thing or two about being undone.

    Congratulations! These poems are transcendent!

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  2. A triple WOW – Scarecrow seems always immediately relevant (knowing you did not write this yesterday, but it speaks to right now)
    “Before We Knew” stirs up emotions and recalls – though you reflect on specifics, there’s an underlying truth about the potential any human-to-human encounter poses. This took me right back to a 2003 first kiss. (We are getting married next month after 16 years together – I may reread this poem as part of my prep!)

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  3. Congratulations. Such a good feeling to have your creative work acknowledged and published. Wishing you the best. Thank you for sharing this good news.

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