Chill (Cento)


Chill (Cento) 

I shiver a little, with the evening,
and you print a shadow like a thin twig.

Wait for my death, then hear me again.
He believes a pomegranate is a thesaurus,

the thundercloud, tomorrow’s puddle. Is
this hunger unlike that of others?

When a drowning man calls out,
his voice follows him downstream.

Why am I grown so cold?

A cento is composed of lines borrowed from other poets. “Chill” owes its existence to: James Wright, H.D., Ingeborg Bachmann, Eduardo C. Corral, Blaga Dimitrova, Forrest Gander, Yusuf Komunyakaa, and Adelaide Crapsey.


“Chill” first appeared on the blog in March, 2016, and was subsequently published in Long Exposure in October 2016.

11 thoughts on “Chill (Cento)

  1. pomegranate as thesaurus … hmmm … will chew on that awhile!
    I like the thought of voice moving downstream after a drowning body calls out – that last words hang in the air for just a bit longer. Yet indeed, a chilling thought.

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  2. I read this, your Cento, on Wednesday, and your definition of a Cento as well… And that night (early morning Thursday?), in my sleep, I was trying to create a Cento of Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash, and Edward Lear… Yes, I was two poets short, but still, such inspiration! I think, next time I dream, I will try to apply to the Okaji School of Poetry… 🙂

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