Glass with Memory



Glass with Memory

When I remember you
glass comes to mind,
but nothing so transparent
as an unclothed thought

or warmth trickling in
through the pipes or
under the haze of
the second night’s sheet,

no two alike except
in appearance, but under
the lamp’s unconscious glare
I find warmth spreading

across the hard surface,
telling me all is
not lost, that smoothness
persists beyond our reflection.




“Glass with Memory” made its first appearance on the blog in February 2017.



23 thoughts on “Glass with Memory

  1. (Reprise poems? Why not. I do.)

    What do we bring to glass? The things beyond are baulked, our fingers barked, before we appreciate its substance, its being there. We bring memories to it, even if it’s merely translucent. I hold a beaker – it’s hard and doesn’t yield – science tells us, however, that glass is a liquid. The sloth of time as we wait for it to flow.

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