On Air Conditioning


 On Air Conditioning

The man who owns everything wants more.

Another offers his sandwich,
accepting grace with a smile.

Like vapor condensing in a coil
to remove heat from the air.
Difficult to comprehend.

Harder to live.



19 thoughts on “On Air Conditioning

  1. Interesting focus on air conditioning …
    So … offer Trump a sandwich? When he demands a wall? What might be in such a sandwich?
    (I’ll read this again later, when less distracted by those manipulative … those I wish would condense inside a contained coil, yielding the rest of us more livable air.)

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  2. It’s rather amusing you offer this as to point of ac is pressure manipulating… to cool is to release so much pressure.

    As to president trump leading this round of machinations interest? The wall seems more to protect Mexican interests than Americans as all the factory jobs migrate there leaving only low wage stuff for children (still a fine offering sure! But ). It would give work to some for a time and assuage the condescending heart’s of the foolish proud… but still the jobs exodus.

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