11 thoughts on “Poem Up at Poetry Breakfast

  1. I saw this first on Poetry Breakfast (w/o image) and wondered what sort of image you would pair to both the serenity of the opening stanza and the chaotic sense of what follows. Laughed when I saw your full-garbage-can choice! But of course – garbage the ideal metaphor, truly a reflection of our human tendencies to overdo a good thing, shifting good-in-contrast-to-without to “turned full” (overflowing, even, per your image).
    There is some serenity (in the eye of the beholder) to the garbage can … knowing the gunk is not spread all over the surroundings … so long as one stops viewing before the mind leaps to landfills …
    Quite a poem. And by-the-way, the world is nowhere NEAR too full of Okaji poems!

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