Two Poems Up at Recenter Press


My poems “Fossil Egg” and “Cyclops” are live at Recenter Press, a publisher “dedicated to sharing work that is grounded in both the spiritual and the material.” Many thanks to the editors for taking these pieces.




27 thoughts on “Two Poems Up at Recenter Press

  1. I have a theory that your work is either currently or will be publishing in every journal in print and/or on the Internet. How many journals and magazines have you published in? dear Lord, it must be a full time job updating your résumé! I still say that the Norton Anthology(s) are missing out every time they are published.

    A VERY big Congratulations on yet another publication of your work. May Amaterasu O-mikami disseminate your poems across the High Celestial Plain where those who perfect and pacify this world may be delighted by your words…

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  2. You’ve given us two more intrigues … !
    “My goats / shun me. … I think of blood, of bone fragments. / The pleasures of rendering. ”
    Anyone’s guess how these connect … I’m leaning toward frustration with fence work under those deceitful clouds. Hoping the process of rendering yourself “Indianan” proves pleasurable.

    BTW, what became of your rural property (goats) when you took off to Indiana?

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