Poem Up at Little Dog Poetry


My poem “Which Name Cautions the Tongue” is live in Issue 3 of Little Dog Poetry. I am grateful to editors Samantha Finley & Lauren Taylor for taking this piece.






9 thoughts on “Poem Up at Little Dog Poetry

  1. This one tangles my brain – each line superb stimulant … then the next takes me in a totally different direction (well, not line 2 which does seem to follow line 1 … but then maybe that’s a trick?) You do this so well!
    Also, congrats!

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    • You might consider each line as a piece of a collage, separate yet part of a whole, and capable of injecting different feelings when moved around. Arthur Sze, the recent National Book Award winner, and one of my poetic heroes, is a master at this (and so much more).

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