Night Smoke


Night Smoke

Incomplete, it rises
only to dissipate

like the griefs we shape,
somehow unnoticed,

beyond reach but felt.
Last night’s moon, the glance.

Forgotten stars, a withheld
kiss, words we never formed.

How difficult to be lost.
So easy to remain unseen.


* * *

“Night Smoke” last appeared here in February 2019.


14 thoughts on “Night Smoke

  1. “the griefs we shape” gives me pause … so many people who seem angry at current events are, I think, expressing grief for a dream “gone up in smoke” … dissipated … beyond reach … no matter who wins whichever election, that dream we were taught growing up has left us lost in a new darker dawn, feeling as invisible as smoke from last night’s campfire, hope vanished above cold ashes …
    [Perhaps not what stirred you to write this … ]

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