Two Poems Up at Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art


My poems “Letter to Geis from This Side of the Glass” and “A Texas Goodbye” are live at the Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art. D.G. Geis was a friend, a larger than life  poet, and a fellow Texan. We were both finalists for the Slippery Elm poetry prize in 2017, and after learning that we didn’t win, decided to have a “losers’ lunch” in Bandera, Texas, the closest town to our respective rural properties. Much laughter ensued, and we made plans to get together for a beer in the coming months. Alas, that was not to be.



19 thoughts on “Two Poems Up at Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art

  1. Very moving, even though I did not know Greg Geis.
    As you say, “One foot at a time, the steps matter” as we each move through current pseudomorphs toward unknowns around the next bend. Your step to offer this letter-glimpse of a shared friendship matters as model for others losing friends as paths unfold.
    And the poem, a dual portrait of self & place – love the focus on tangible wood amidst intangible forces of change … I’m curious if you’ve taken north with you some specimens of your Texas wood. Or did you leave it stacked for next occupant? (Were it me, there’d be a few pieces relocated, kept unburned till time to make ashes of my body.)

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    • Greg led an interesting, full life, and he touched many people with his poetry. I’ve not brought any wood with me, but it’s entirely possible that I’ll do so at some point, as I still have to sell the rural property. Someday… 🙂

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