Poem Up at Silver Birch Press


My poem, “How to Write a Poem,” leads off the Silver Birch Press HOW TO series.
Silver Birch Press is still taking submissions in prose and poetry, so give it a whirl!

* * *

“How to Write a Poem,” is included in Indra’s Net: An International Anthology of Poetry in Aid of The Book Bus, and has appeared on the blog as well.

All profits from this anthology published by Bennison Books will go to The Book Bus, a charity which aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them.

Available at Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US)


27 thoughts on “Poem Up at Silver Birch Press

  1. Wonderful read … love the sound effects … wishing you’d included your own “singing with the radio” … All of this good guidance for yet another day hunkering down in the Texas deep freeze. Labrador does not like stepping on ice that cracks and drops her paws into snow beneath; I’m not all that crazy about standing out there waiting on her return; somewhere a pump has gone out and we no longer have running water; cursing in 3 languages might help?

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