Well Pump


Well Pump

To be within, yet without: the rootless seed.
Staring through glass, we see only the surface
sliced thin like cell-thick specimen slides.
I dream of knowing, of inclusion.
The well pump is fried, but only thieves
return our calls. How to deflect the lure
of complicity? Stack stone, observe clouds.
Tap the cistern. Absorb its hollow tune.


* * *

“Well Pump” first appeared in January 2018 in Amethyst Review.

Many thanks to editor Sarah Law for accepting it.


2 thoughts on “Well Pump

  1. Your land offered many metaphors!
    The frustration with “only thieves return our calls” is why I continue life with one stove burner nonfunctional. Three still work fine. Glass-top stoves are NOT a do-it-yourself-solo repair, and the estimated amounts from multiple sources were staggering. Gotta think those guys could do more jobs at lower fees and come out ahead financially … but that does not appear to be how it “works”!

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    • One company gave us a $30K quote. Said we needed to drill another 800 feet deeper. Uh, no. It was the pump. When we finally found a reasonable repair person (apparently much in demand), the final cost was under $1,000. Crazy!


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