Morning Covers You

eye camera


Morning Covers You


We extract
light, bleeding
it out one

hole after

Finger the results.
in form

or placement
to best

At night
loneliness cradles
our bones.


You arrange our bodies to greater effect,
presuming lesser horrors
to be less.

A list emerges.
Refuting one,
accepting another.

Choices fixed.
Ecstasies of failure

Morning covers you
like a blue
shroud, so pale.

So cold
and bitter.



This originally appeared in Boston Poetry Magazine in April, 2014, and on this blog in October 2015.

diamond fence


6 thoughts on “Morning Covers You

  1. This one puzzles … who is you? ecstasies of failures? lesser horrors?
    Intriguing to ponder what might’ve triggered this … perhaps obvious if read amid 2014 current events?
    Confusion aside, I am captivated by “finger the results. / Remediation” – resonates as synchronistic answer to a yet-to-arise question. I shall tuck this away for the rainy day.

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