The Draft (with recording)


The Draft

All memories ignite, he says, recalling
the odor of accelerants and charred

friends. Yesterday I walked to the sea
and looking into its deep crush

sensed something unseen washing
out, between tides and a shell-cut foot,

sand and the gull’s drift, or the early names
I assign to faces. This is not sadness.

Somewhere the called numbers meet.


* * *

“The Draft” first appeared in Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art.

7 thoughts on “The Draft (with recording)

  1. Powerful reading – your voice adds dimensions to “sadness”
    I sense that those “gone” are elsewhere, meeting/mingling in various ways that defy my comprehension – spark my curiosity (dare I say wanting to join them?) re how they reflect on the ones they left behind. Do you suppose some poems have arrived from “elsewhere” having been whispered forth seeking receptive ears/heart to reiterate the message?

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