Bone to Bone


Bone to Bone

He claims two sides frame every story.

I count three,      sometimes more,

believing in          multiplicity,

threats                concealed

but never

buried.      A dust devil twists across the path.
What ascends, what dies?

Heat, ashes.       A shadow’s flesh.

The earth, restraining all.


small town

“Bone to Bone” first appeared here in June 2016.


2 thoughts on “Bone to Bone

  1. Intriguing to re-read your re-posts within context of what’s going on in the “now” surrounding me … gotta be more than two sides to vaccine resistance, something I try to set aside as others’ choice yet find myself growing less tolerant. My daughter works in the public schools – thrown up on by a student 3 days ago, alerted yesterday that the child has COVID – now in spin of finding a test for herself (NOT easy) and returning to work knowing this likely will keep repeating. Fully vaxed she works with others who refuse to be – perhaps the child chose my daughter to embrace in her moment of truth wisely? Would be interesting to know/compare this story from perspectives of the unvaxed teachers; the child’s mother; the school policy makers (Austin currently in stage 5 but schools still open!); parents of classmates; the child who threw reality onto all these. Will COVID in time be a shadow in collective memories? Or: Will our planet restrain dissipation, retain the virus as catalyst to thin us out, change our habits? Will we ever learn?

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    • I’ve lost patience with vaccine resistors and the politicians who spout nonsense in hopes of retaining power. Their choices endanger too many. I don’t know if we’ll ever learn. I’m a tad pessimistic these days.

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