How they share our
desires, shape
our days.

Passion to hope,
fingertips to
lips. Some bud

easily, others
struggle. A little
water, light, a kind

voice. Sometimes so
little achieves
so much. Yesterday’s

sunflower droops on
the sill. Today’s promise
arrives with rain.





4 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. This is lovely! Blooms individually temporary, yet they keep coming though seasons, dry spells may stall anticipated emergence. Good to focus on wilting as matter-of-fact while we angst over Ukraine being smashed deliberately. If Putin were a neighborhood kid stalking my yard blooms I’d know what to do – alas, I cannot alter his determined destruction – but I do harbor a confidence that Ukraine will bloom again after this season of demise. (Fingers crossed Putin WON’T.)

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