Wet Grass, Weeds


Wet Grass, Weeds

A lone raven
circling the neighbor’s oak,

an oddity in this neighborhood,

lending mystery to the afternoon,
a gateway through dandelion

fluff and the blue seeping through clouds.
A car rumbles by,
stereo hammering the air,

warnings everywhere for the wary.


“Wet Grass, Weeds” first appeared here in May 2016.

25 thoughts on “Wet Grass, Weeds

  1. Reading this definitely creates restless vibes! More mystery stoking curiosity than wariness – though curiosity has more than once gotten me into matters I might should’ve been wary of beforehand! Here I love the raven, the blue sky, the dandelion bloom … and depending on driver’s tastes, I might even savor a brief spurt of passing music “hammering the air” (just keep it brief!)

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  2. Nice. The startling enjambment of “dandelion / fluff” seems to mark that as the defining feature of this universe, though I’m not yet sure what to make of it. I’m too busy decoding the ill omens all around me now.

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  3. The dandelions dwell in the park here, but their fluff can seep through the window to say hello in the spring. The ravens, however, are persistent here as I wake up to their croaking call every blessed day. This versatile plant and intelligent bird are in the spotlight in this poem filled with the features of life and Nature. Thanks and well done Bob.

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