This is Not Just to Say


This is Not Just to Say

Okay. I ate the damned
plums. But it’s not my

fault you left them
sitting there on the top

shelf, so sweet, so cold,
enticing me, as only

you, or perhaps a ripe
peach, or strawberries,

or Asian pears or even
pomegranates, can do.

Besides, you need
something substantial

for breakfast. How about
donuts, or bacon, instead?

* * *

My apologies to WCW, but I couldn’t resist. You can find the original Williams poem here. The poem first appeared here in September 2015.


11 thoughts on “This is Not Just to Say

  1. Dear William Carlos Williams,

    I have noticed the pattern, and you were the only person that was at work every day that my plums disappeared. I am tired of going hungry. It is really affecting my productivity during the morning hours. Well, I have had a pretty serious stomach virus the last couple of days. I am not going to say that I wiped my butt with those last plums that I put in the fridge, but I am not going to say that I didn’t either. All I am going to say is I hope you washed them before you ate them.


    The only other person who likes plums in this entire office. lol 🙂

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  2. Ah – reading this after Gary snatched the left-over pizza for his breakfast – there are downsides to “intermittent fasting” (13 hours between yesterday’s last meal and today’s first meal). Not that pizza is a parallel with plums – between your lines lies the drama of two sharing refrigerator space but eating on individual cycles.

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