Memorial Day, 2015



Memorial Day, 2015

I turn away from the sun, and drink.
Every window is dark.
No one hears my song, not even the guitar.
When the rain pauses the grackle rests on the cedar picket.
Etymology: from Latin memorialis, of or belonging to memory,
leading to home and family, their connotations.
Remembering is simple, she says. But forgetting…
The coral snake slips by, unseen.
Nothing lives in my shadow.


* * *

“Memorial Day, 2015” first appeared at Picaroon Poetry  in July 2017. Many thanks to editor Kate Garrett, for taking this piece.


5 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 2015

  1. National “Memorial Day” gathers focus – yet many have private, unique-to-them dates focused on loved ones gone. Intriguing to read this right after my day remembering my son – I called it Togetherness Day, intent on NOT forgetting anything, even stressful times. Pretty much ignored my shadow – no clue what critters slipped by – I could inquire of the Labradors (they never miss a thing!)

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