Year’s End


Year’s End

If I lose myself in breathing,
will the air forgive my forgetfulness?

This oak, too, will stand long after
the last train exits the tunnel.

I worry that my friend may never
clamber past his lowest ambition.

Different and unabated, our words
now stumble over themselves.

Every night forms a morning somewhere:
each year, combined in our shared darkness.


63 thoughts on “Year’s End

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  2. That looks like a train tunnel I know seriously :)… Germany, Switzerland? Thanks for popping into my blog and connecting. I am checking out your blog as well Are you part of Blogging101 from Blogging University? or did you find me another way?

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  3. Deep and laden with thoughtfulness; Provoking old memories and giving an appreciation of a new morn, literally and figuratively. In so few words this poem speaks volumes. Thanks for such a wonderful piece of literature!

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