3 Poems in deLuge Journal


I have three poems appearing in deLuge Journal: “Another Bird Rising,” “The Neurotic Dreams September in April,” and “Forced By This Title to Write a Poem in Third Person About Himself, the Poet Considers the Phenomena of Standing Waves, Dreams Involving Long-Lost Cats (Even If He Has Not Had Such a Dream Himself), And the Amazing Durability of Various Forms of Weakness.”

Many thanks to editors Karla Van Vliet and Sue Scavo for including my work in this lovely publication.



28 thoughts on “3 Poems in deLuge Journal

  1. i always enjoy your work Robert, but these are something else, i mean i love your work, but these, they are babble-worthy.
    ‘Forced by this…’ is technically astonishing, the longer line makes the flow almost iambic, but with a few skips out of synch, like a stone skimmed on a pond. & there is the wonderful Koan like line ‘How to release what you no longer hold?’ & the strong image of ‘The raindrop remains intact through its long plummet’.
    the poems as a whole have a nursery rhyme feel to them, these impossible, daring somersaults of the unconscious making exodus into poems. when Daniel Schnee reads these he’s going to flip his lid; we’ll be like Garth & Wayne “we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!”

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  2. Congratulations! I’m always excited to hear of your new publications and find more journals along the way. I appeared in the issue, as well πŸ™‚ Thought it would be a fitting magazine for a few unusual pieces, with its dream theme.

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