28 thoughts on “My poem “What Feet Know” is featured on Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine

  1. Wonderful poem … and interesting to compare the two images; for my own feet, I’d choose the setting here on your site.
    Speaking of images … is there a story (poem?) for the “weeds big in Texas” image on “Postcards and Poems” page? We’ve been bringing plants in, bracing for the freeze, some (all “Texas”) pretty darned big.

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    • Thanks, Jazz. Regarding the images on the Postcard Poems page, they requested something quirky, so I complied to the best of my ability. The “weed” is an agave plant that I’d dug out with my tractor. If you run a search on this site for “agave,” you’ll find a poem titled “Agave.” Of course it’s not about the pictured agave, or any agave in particular.


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