Requiem II


Requiem II

To say what becomes: this word
bends in the wind of our

breath. Is this too simple to
say? Our bodies gather yet retain

nothing. Numbers, phrases, the way
the ocean rolls. Once I saw
a whale at dusk. Or rather I saw its

tail part the water and disappear
into darkness, an answer too complex
and sweet for tongues to comprehend.

But waves seldom explain. Imagine
something nearby but beyond reach.

Think of clouds and shrines, consider light.


“Requiem II” first appeared here in May 2015.

29 thoughts on “Requiem II

  1. We are cataloguers of the signified — internal ghosts of essence and experience beyond the body’s confines — while what exists (and what we understand ourselves to perceive on some pre-lingual level) remains wordless. Anyway, Okaji Sensei, you come closer to naming the unnameable than anyone I know.

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