Life among the Prickly Pear


Life among the Prickly Pear

Rain’s twofold curse: not enough
too much. Still, I take comfort

even among the thorns.
There is much to like here.

Its moonlight flowers.
Paddles fried with minced garlic.

Wren’s jubilant shriek.
The fruit’s red nectar.

I wake to distant screech owls
purring their desires on separate

slopes. Late spring, storms looming.
I close my eyes and the creek rises.

* * *

A draft of this first appeared here in June 2015, and I posted this version in May 2016. It seemed appropriate to this stormy weekend. On a personal note, I’ll need to inspect a flood-prone creek on Monday. I wonder how it will be…

In the meantime, two of my guitar heroes:

34 thoughts on “Life among the Prickly Pear

  1. I love this one in all its versions – and a perfect accompaniment with Stevie & BB. Naturally worrying about you with the storm so I’m glad to hear you’re relatively secure down there. Hope that creek stays where it belongs!

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  2. Seconding my enjoyment of the purring owls phrasing. I didn’t know prickly pear can have yellow flowers. It seems (if I remember correctly) all I saw was pink flowers on them in Arizona. Maybe they are a different species, though.

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