Recording of “The Draft”


The Draft

All memories ignite, he says, recalling
the odor of accelerants and charred

friends. Yesterday I walked to the sea
and looking into its deep crush

sensed something unseen washing
out, between tides and a shell-cut foot,

sand and the gullโ€™s drift, or the early names
I assign to faces. This is not sadness.

Somewhere the called numbers meet.


“The Draft” first appeared in Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art.


73 thoughts on “Recording of “The Draft”

  1. I really appreciate the sentiment in this piece; especially the sound, the sound my friend. I am there with the seagulls and the ocean and you, and underneath this piece in the reading there is some sort of erosion, particularly in the reading that is in the wind, not in the words of the poem but most certainly in the erosion underneath the reading.

    I appreciate the convincing that we must go through to tell ourselves that death is okay when we hurt ourselves, when we fossilize when the waves and water toss us about and disperse and dismember us.

    What a beautiful piece!

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  2. I admire the way you can blend in abstracting imagery like, “the odor of accelerants and charred/friends,” but still end up with a subtle and elegant poem. Mine tend to come out abrasive and “in-your-face” when I attempt similar tactics.

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  3. Memories that ignite like flames, create a spark in the heart and mind. Many times the spark is unseen, but felt beyond thee expression of words. Memory remain and refresh within some constantly others from time to time. #memories #felt #time

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    • I’m probably the last person you’d want to ask, as I know next to nothing about set up, etc. But whenever I’ve had specific questions about WP, Googling has provided answers. But I have a simple blog with few bells and whistles.

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