Poem Up at The Hamilton Stone Review

My poem “Letter to Schwaner from the Toad-Swallowed Moon” has been published at The Hamilton Stone Review. Much gratitude to editor Roger Mitchell for taking this piece.

18 thoughts on “Poem Up at The Hamilton Stone Review

  1. Another great one, Robert. I’m off to read it again. I love the imagery of the incision, of the moon spilling out, in the form of a letter — a beautiful flow of imagery and sentiment in a conversation form. And great ending… So good.

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  2. Wow, Sir Robert! Congratulations on this lovely placement.

    Is it quite another thing to have an eclipse in one’s belly, as opposed to a fire? I imagine Monsieur Schwaner will be blessed to get the firsthand scoop in a tenable language someday when you twain shall meet in the as-yet-unknown country — I wouldn’t call it entirely impossible, as I’ve seen with my own eyes what a toad’s capable of, though I admit I didn’t understand its croaks — and work up a worthy thirst! 😁 Bravo!

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  3. We should not wait for a country that doesn’t exist or isn’t known. And there’s plenty of wine on this continent, sir. Let’s make it happen! I could expand my two-city worldwide book tour for Wind Intervals to Texas, maybe…or when YOUR book comes out — soon, right? — you could visit the legendary Black Swan bookstore here in Staunton, with wine beforehand at the Yelping Dog just a few doors down the street…

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