The Daily Celebration


The Daily Celebration

Life here is good, but sometimes scary. My community has been rocked by four explosions, four bombs meant to maim and kill. Sunday’s occurred just a few miles from my home of 34 years, and it seems that the package that exploded overnight some sixty miles south of Austin at the FedEx facility in Schertz (coincidentally just a few miles from my sister’s house), was sent from the nearby FedEx store that I frequent. All this is to say that no matter how we try, we ultimately control little. Each day, each step, could be our last. Thus I pledge to celebrate today’s breath, to speak kind words and do no harm. To listen, to taste, to see. To feel, to thank.

That incessant buzz           around the mountain laurel             hummingbirds are back!

68 thoughts on “The Daily Celebration

  1. So very frightening. Times they sure are changing. I’m very happy to hear that no one you knows has been hurt (I hope no one was hurt). I agree, in the upside reality that is this reality, there is nothing left to do, but to “celebrate today’s breath, to speak kind words and do no harm. To listen, to taste, to see. To feel, to thank.” And, if enough do, maybe we can turn our world right side up again. ❤ Be safe.

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  2. I’ve definitely been thinking of you, RO. There’s no making sense of this or any of the other thousand things that are falling apart right now, but it’s courageous to live and confront the absurd and somehow manage gratitude.

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  3. There is so much uncertainty these days that one simply has to make the most of the present. Living in fear and dying every moment is not an option.
    What happened must be extremely scary. Take care all of you. Wish an end could be put to this madness.

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  4. I am so sorry for the loss of people in your community. We will never understand the mind of people. At least the minds of those that are lost and want to hurt. I hope you and your community are healing. 🙏

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