Journal Publications (September – November 2017)

Links to my publications for September – November 2017:

This Island is a Stone, Mockingheart Review, September, 2017.

That Number Upon Which the Demand Lieth. Posit, September, 2017.

Pleasure in Absence of Ending (Enso). Posit, September, 2017.

At Work I Stand Observing My Diminished Self. Posit, September, 2017.

N is Its Child. Reservoir, October 2017.

Better Than Drowning. Underfoot, October, 2017.

Ghost, with a Line from Porchia. Underfoot, October, 2017.

Elegy. Underfoot, October, 2017.

Some Answers You Never Considered. Underfoot, October, 2017.

As Blue Fades. Underfoot, October, 2017.

River Carry Me. Underfoot, October, 2017.

The Three Disappointments of Pedro Arturo, Main Street Rag, October 2017. Print only.

Snails.Vox Populi, October 2017.

Letter to Schwaner from the Toad-Swallowed Moon, Hamilton Stone Review, October 2017.

Yellow, Lost. Wildness, October 2017.

Happy Circuitry.Figroot Press, October 2017.

If You Drop Leaves. Bad Pony, November 2017.

30 thoughts on “Journal Publications (September – November 2017)

  1. Awesome, Bob! 11 journals, 17 poems in 91 days (I know you like numbers LOL). I agree with Sarah – I think I need to submit more! Congrats again.

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    • I don’t have a quota, but often will send out rejected poems within days of rejection. I do attempt to match poems to certain publications (with mixed success), and will of course read journals to see if my style might be amenable. It’s mostly a matter of simply taking the plunge and pushing the stuff out there. And though I’m not a fast writer, I am steady, and produce quite a few finished pieces every month, which gives me more to put in the pipeline.

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  2. I like your work very much, Robert and I respect how dedicated you are to submit and be published in so many publications. My intention has been to use the information you share to start sending out my poems for consideration. Isn’t there some saying about intentions……? thanks again Robert

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