Recording of Self-Portrait with Knife


Self-Portrait with Knife

Lacking benefit of prayer or belief,
it slips through flesh,

praising its temerity. Or,
parting the onion’s core, reclaims
the right to weep.

How many nights have we shared
these pleasures? I smooth the blade

with steel, listening to the fine hum.

“Self-Portrait with Knife” is included in my just released micro-chapbook Only This, available for free download from Origami Poems Project.

16 thoughts on “Recording of Self-Portrait with Knife

    • Thank you, A.M. I have a Mac, and use Quicktime and an external mic to record, and I mix the tracks using Audacity. I also convert the soundfiles to MP3 format, because Quicktime saves them in another form, and as I occasionally download sound clips in other formats, too, the conversion software comes in handy. Who knew that a one-minute recording could take so long to produce? There’s probably a more efficient way to do this, but I’ve grown comfortable with this set up. What do you use?


    • Thanks, Lynne. Having fun with these recordings. It’s amazing what sounds are available out there in the ether. 🙂 My recording of “Helsinki” includes crowd noise from a Finnish cafe, as well as the sound of someone walking on cobblestones, also in Finland. Ha!


  1. I can’t recall who was it that said, you can use the most basic chores as a meditation. Listening to this feels so soothing. Quite edgy (sorry, I had to). 😉


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