A Herd of Watermelon

A Herd of Watermelon

My work tools include rubber boots, a hydraulic
jack and snake tongs. Prevention over cure, always.

A helicopter’s shadow crosses the yard.
I sweat in cold weather; today even the shade burns.

Ants swarm a dead bat on the gravel.
No keys for these locks, no fire for that place.

Stepping inside, the city welcomes me.
We drain coffers for this grass, and hope for rain.

This morning two deer jumped the east fence while I
updated software. The significance eludes us.

A dream of watermelons rising from their viny beds,
lumbering through the field to the creek. Rebellion!

How many have sat at this desk before me, plotting
murders and rumors or rhymes. Die, mosquito. Die!

“A Herd of Watermelon” was drafted during the August 2016 Tupelo Press 30-30 Challenge. Thank you to Plain Jane for sponsoring the poem and providing the title.

20 thoughts on “A Herd of Watermelon

  1. If there were a creek near, I think my crinums could have similarly rebelled at abandonment while we traveled (no watering during the hot summer). They were forlorn upon return! But survivors, and showing signs of potential forgiveness. (Rain would surely help!)

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  2. You’ve enhanced my wonderful day with your glorious words, and your finale produced a smirky wry smile
    “How many have sat at this desk before me, plotting
    murders and rumors or rhymes. Die, mosquito. Die!”

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  3. A herd of watermelons, haha. I find watermelon farms quite ugly, or maybe that’s just Jeju. I personally like the uniformity of barley or wheat. & don’t start me on mosquitoes, I must kill a dozen a day, pesky things. They can survive till December in Jeju. They itch like mad. Pretty sure they can teleport in & out of dimensions tooβ€”you slap down where they land, sure you got them, but where are they? Surely I got it, surely, then weeeezzzzzzz, drat! The bugger is in your ear’ol mocking you. How does it get there? Teleportation, must be.

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