No One Knows

No One Knows

There, the dream of flying
cars, and the next,

tumbling through soft
glass, inconsiderate and

hopeful as a child
on his birthday,

hands outstretched, waiting.
Unsmiling. You might ask

where this story turns,
whether the glass reconstitutes

or the car crashes,
reminders of a childhood

reconsidered and the simplest
truth, which is no one knows.

“No One Knows” was first published in The Pangolin Review in March 2018.

18 thoughts on “No One Knows

  1. Tumbling through soft glass? This is a dream I’m perhaps overdue …
    Outstretched hands, waiting, unsmiling stirs up multiple recalls. And in most of them, indeed, no one knows exactly what’s happening (though everyone has their disparate opinions!).

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  2. Well-executed. Must agree whole-eyedly with Arbie (comment above) – I do so enjoy juxtapositions and you craft them so well. Even when pressed – hard or hardly – my hands take keyboard and insist we stop for a breath by O at the Edges.


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