Election Day Poem Up at Vox Populi

My poem “The Theory and Practice of Rebellion” is up at Vox Populi, nestled between Daniel R. Cobb’s essay “Democracy Dies without You,” and Naomi Shihab Nye’s powerful poem “United.” Fellow citizens of the USA, this election will change our lives. Vote!

20 thoughts on “Election Day Poem Up at Vox Populi

  1. A brief but lovely offering, Bob.

    I hesitate over the title of the adjacent essay; I wonder if democracy dies not without us but with us; it too often appears to be a failed system that does not adequately account for the smallness of human nature. Certainly, history does not lack for examples of majority-rule ugliness. I am contemplating rule by a diverse sampling of what might be considered intellectual and spiritual aristocrats — people with the minds and souls to best consider our long-term interests and those of other species and the planet. Won’t happen, of course — too much anti-intellectualism in this country — yet I find the idea worth considering, given the planet’s urgent need for a better way.

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    • Cate. That has been tried and failed. Ruling elite. Over the rest of the ‘unwashed masses’. It’s called collectivism and communism. Always ends in millions dead and a population with no say in what their ‘intellectual and spiritual aristocrats’ decide for them.
      Just stick with the Constitutional representative democracy we have, thank you

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