The low rumble says “look out, I’m coming,” but never specifies what to anticipate. Lightning strikes? Floods? High winds? Sometimes even the rain neglects us. Our pup hides under a blanket in her crate, and I contemplate a run to the store for beer and wine. Three years ago tornados were spotted in this area; they never touched our hills. The storm’s downdrafts bring us the fragrance of ozone. I marvel that three oxygen atoms combined in the atmosphere to produce such delight. How I remember inhaling deep draughts of summer storms in my childhood’s last years, watching thunderheads roll overhead, dreaming of victories and love and certainty, not yet knowing that desires change, that the unexpected always seizes its turn.

Under this roof
we smile at the clouds
our kettle whistling


“Thunder” first appeared in The Zen Space in July 2018.

21 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. I suppose it’s the electricity in the air that spins our gears into wanting to make a beer run at same time we’re fearing we might be tornadoed off the map … I know that dilemma! (Usually I stay put.) The other opposing forces I resonate with are ozone delight vs. nervous dog. Our Labrador has pretty much overridden the thrill I used to feel instinctively at the onset of thunderstorms. Now I’m preoccupied comforting her. Explaining ozone to her has yet to provide any relief for either of us …

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  2. This wonderful haibun reminds me of those days when I used to experience some amazing phenomena of Nature. Besides, the shift and link between your prose and haiku is a twister! I hope the kettle is still whistling? Thanks for sharing this amazing poetry work Bob.

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