One night exhausts another,
layering sheets and blankets,
wrinkles and folds. Oh, the
body wants to still the mind,
and shedding this weight,
float freely through the night.
Your memory of sleep’s touch
withers as you lie there,
absorbing the fan’s pattern.
How wonderful, then, to finally
drift across the room and settle
in that relaxed corner, among the
cobwebs and shadows and those
frustrated hours now set aside.


“Sleepless: first appeared here in October 2017.



14 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. This is relatable to us all as we are living in this fast pace world of “you sleep, you lose” philosophy. Thus, insomnia has become the cup of human of all ages including the kids. Besides, people often forget that sound sleep is peaceful and rejuvenating.

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  2. This is really great. Many many sleepless nights I have had after a gig because the performance adrenaline takes hours to dissipate…that is when it is so great to have a dog (a well behaved chihuahua or pug who will lay there with you on the bed all snuggled up, half asleep). Cats will abandon you at that moment but dogs hang in there there.

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