Self-Portrait as Blemish


Self-Portrait as Blemish

Do not turn away. Stare at my impropriety
and accept the facts exposed: the mixed,
the blended, the unholy result of the extra-
legal conjoining. Or, that unconcealed
mark on the cheek, brown or black,
a pupil in the eye of the sack-clothed
target. Look closer. Ask your question.
I am the world inside the fermented
egg, the tacit accusation. What you choose
not to see. Feel my breath. Remember.


12 thoughts on “Self-Portrait as Blemish

  1. Quite the combination of image and words! Image is intriguing, beautiful. Words are about “blemishes” (connotation = unattractive, distracting). A challenge to see the beauty in the blemish, whatever its nature. I’ll be puzzling over “I am the … tacit accusation … you choose not to see” [a question to self]

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  2. What a wonderful piece of work. I love being able to see hidden sections of our ‘self’ in someone’s work. My latest poetry book is a lot like that especially in my Japanese pieces. I’m still floundering a little and my own post this week is sharing some of the new work. I either stand by it or not.
    Continue to love your work.

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