Political Haibun


Political Haibun

The wind knows impermanence but does not trust it.
Dependent upon atmospheric pressure, absorption
and rotation, who can blame the wind? We, too,
lend ourselves illusions, only to barter them away.
Three miles for a beer. Seven seconds for a fresh look.
A dollar extended for every five stolen. Empathy,
but only for the wealthy. Electing liars to office,
we justify our actions with more untruths. Nothing
improves. Even the quality of lies diminishes.

yellowed grass bending

under the sun’s weight

god’s will, they say



22 thoughts on “Political Haibun

  1. I especially appreciate: “Even the quality of lies diminishes.” Somehow, that gets at the theater of the absurd that is our current president and his cronies: One is deprived of even the thin consolation of admiring intelligence, even intelligence put to nefarious use.

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  2. Well said: “declining quality of the lies” reflects a growing tolerance (expectation!) of little twists of truth, even some radically big twists … no need anymore for liars to cover tracks … at the rate lies spiel out, there’s no time to chase one down before the next swoop takes stage.

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