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My poem “Postcard from Pandemic” was published in March at Vox Populi. A week after the poem was published, I was laid low by the corona virus. Mine was a mild case, but it rendered me worthless for most of a month. I’m appalled by the nonchalance a large portion of the population displays towards the pandemic, particularly in recent days. Please wear masks, practice social distancing. Show that you care for others. Masks should not be political statements.

I am grateful, as always, to editor Michael Simms for his continued support.

I wish you all good health and peace in these troubling times. Stay safe!



58 thoughts on “Poem Up at Vox Populi

  1. I hate that you had to endure it, Robert, but I am so happy it was a mild case and that you are alive and well enough to remind people just how seriously some of them need to take this virus. I cannot tell you the amount of anguish it causes me working in the medical field to see people not do what they’re constantly advised to do.

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  2. I am glad you are recovered.
    I can’t believe the new lows of callousness shown by our “leaders” who are surely sending their followers over a cliff in order to prove some point beyond any understanding. (K)

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  3. I’m dismayed to hear this, RO, and relieved to know that you beat the virus! I just don’t understand that prevailing nonchalance… The isolation and masking may be burdensome, but not as much as the possibility of infecting other people. I’m more worried about that than my own self being sick, but that puts me in the minority in this state and many others… I loved this poem the first time I read it, and thought of it often in the spring when tempted by the daffodils at the Jenifer Street Market. Now, I’m growing plenty of bright flowers of my own and keeping company with more birds than people. 🙂 Take good care of yourself…

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  4. It’s quite devastating that some people are still up and about taking this all as one big joke or conspiracy. I’ve heard several people say that Corona is not real and that they will rely on God not masks to protect them. What a shame.

    Glad you are well.

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  5. I am glad you are on the way to recovery. People don’t understand how dangerous Covid-19 truly is or they wouldn’t be playing Russian roulette. The said part is once you have had the virus, insurance companies place you in a risk bracket for any future insurance approval so they are compromising their future as well. Be well, Robert.

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  6. Bob, I am happy that you recovered fully. That must be a scary experience.
    It would be good if you chronicle your experience. If, as you said even for a mild case you were out for a month I can well imagine how bad a case of severe infection be. People are just becoming complacent and callous.

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  7. Saludos desde Oaxaca. So glad your case was mild and you have recovered! I’m doing all I can to protect others and my myself and am dumbfounded by the refuseniks. Your poetry brings beauty during these challenging times.

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  8. Thoroughly enjoyed your poem. I’m in New Zealand and we’re almost back to normal here now, with only (I think at last count) 20 cases in the whole country, so I am very grateful to have been in the right place at the right time. While we were in our ‘Level 4’ Lockdown I was also very lucky to have a flatmate who was our designated food shopper, going to the supermarket to stock up for all 5 of us as needed. The moment of dilemma highlighted in your poem was a great insight for me into that front line perspective, since I never ventured to the shops during our Lockdown. It’s so interesting what people deem “essential” when it comes down to it and how we all have been forced to find a balance between feeding our body, mind and soul throughout such an incredibly tough time. Sorry to hear that you went through a bout of the virus yourself and that people around you are getting complacent about the whole thing, but glad to read above that you are recovered. What a story to be able to tell in the future though, I bet there’s more even more creativity to come from this experience yet.

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  9. Robert I tried to post but it wouldn’t let me–said I was duplicating? So doing it again. Glad you are well- I will write it again–I said — sad that while Black and Latinos are getting Covid more than the privileged some are hoarding Alkaline water, truffle oil and buying daffodils. This reflects the imbalance of our society.


    • Thank you, Genie. It is good to feel healthy! People were stressed and acting oddly, buying whatever was there, not necessarily what they needed. I wondered about those who purchased a zillion bags of prepared salads and other perishables with short shelf-lives. Strange times.


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