The Underbelly of This Seam


The Underbelly of This Seam

Slides beneath your gaze, unnoticed,
but the joining satisfies that particular

urge, combining two separates
into one whole, creating this new

piece. I thumb the string on every fourth
beat, anchor the cloth, pull it taut, and stitch.

What better material than air and silence?
Yesterday’s tune, tomorrow’s silk?

A fine breath zigzagged down the edge – frayed
lines, beneath, on the other side, testifying

to the struggles of the unseen. I exhale,
strike another note. You hum something new.


* * *

“The Underbelly of This Seam” was drafted during the August 2016 Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge. Many thanks to Ursula, who sponsored the poem and provided the title.

3 thoughts on “The Underbelly of This Seam

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  2. As a seamstress, I love this – snagged a copy when you posted last year and delighted to read again. Couple of curiosities …
    Have you considered seaming recordings of your guitar and flute?
    Did you plan this as companion to Stephanie’s post today? (Could be two views of same scene! “Seam-ly”)

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  3. I might try to do that someday, if I ever manage to coax decent sound out of the shakuhachi. I’m more likely to merge guitar with mandolin (though I haven’t touched the mando in over a year). No, we’re seldom that organized. Ha!

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