Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)



Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)

Why tremble
when nothing
arrives to be seen?

The architecture
of the day
comes and goes

in the same
a disturbance

more felt than heard.
But listen.
The grosbeak sings

his presence
and departs,
leaving behind

the echo
of a motion
blending with night.

The air is cool.
A leaf utters
its own message

and falls
Nothing awaits it.


* * *.



14 thoughts on “Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)

  1. Life is so full of surprising synchronicities. I interrupted in my daily reading of blogs by sudden urge to go outdoors … to discover the distinct sound of a raven! Excitement! Two years ago there was a nest two blocks away – they’re back! I eventually saw the familiar black wings down at end of the block, flying off toward that former nest site. And now I’m opening your poem – “disturbance more felt than heard” took me outside at just the right moment. Thanks for posting this one today. (Now it’s time to take a walk with my binoculars …)

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  2. We have two crows who have chosen our yard. With great originality I call them Jack and Jill. Although I can’t tell them apart. I speak to them. I believe they are intelligent. When they spread their wings and fly near us, they are so huge, so impressive. I love leaves too.

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  3. Hi bob, thank you for posting yet another wonderful poem. Well, what more can I say than to confess that I read this poem over and over again to relish the beauty of nature in it and the philosophical aspect of it. Besides, I hope you’re doing great. Regards, Aji.

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  4. This captures so perfectly what I feel every time I hear a rustling in the magnolia that seems a different timbre, and I hope to see a grosbeak again but alas not this year…

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  5. another beautiful poem you’ve created. “The leaf utters its own message, falls unoticed, nothing awaits.” I feel like this is a representation of strength. At first I thought loneliness , but no. This is something strong. Someting that is content on its own.

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