Let It Remain



Let It Remain

Comfort of name,
of pleasure

freshened in
repetition, unformed

pears falling, and
the mockingbird’s

to complete

another’s song.
I will take no

from this day

but let it remain
here in the knowing,

in the tyranny
of the absolute

and its enforced
rhythm desiring

both flight and

the ecstasy
of fruit grown full.




“Let It Remain” first appeared here in September 2015.


4 thoughts on “Let It Remain

  1. Intriguing to read lines about pears and find my brain connecting to current events … perhaps the master plan for evolution includes a good many fallen, incomplete pears/songs/people. Lots of whys to ponder re certain Texas senators and then there’s Putin … what will the history books say 100 years from now? (Given time, they/we all fall – some incomplete, some way overripe.)

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