Resurrection (Cento)

rocks and fog

Resurrection (Cento) 

Everything we love
returns to the ground.

Each syllable is the work of sabotage,
a breeze seeping from the heart of the rocks.

They are my last words
or what I intend my last words to be.

I think just how my shape will rise,
a miracle, anywhere light moves.


A cento is composed of lines borrowed from other poets. “Resurrection” first appeared here in January 2016, and owes its existence to the poetry of Tishani Doshi, Paul Auster, Antonella Anedda, Sean Hill, Emily Dickinson, and Ruth Ellen Kocher. I urge you to seek out their work. It astounds!


13 thoughts on “Resurrection (Cento)

  1. Cento somewhat like a photo collage … yours always intrigue. And reading this: “They are my last words / or what I intend my last words to be” stirs up curiosity about my son’s last words – the ones running through his thoughts, still forming. I’ve no clue what I’ll want to say “when” – maybe that’s a sign to keep reading, absorbing, interpreting, writing poetry?

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    • We must keep reading, absorbing, interpreting and writing. I’ve thought about my last words, and while I’d like them to be enigmatic and beautiful, they’ll probably be something like “oh, crap,” or “doughnuts!”

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  2. I really like this. I had not known about cento before and your explanation has opened worlds of possibility in my mind. There must be a great deal of thought put into the selection and arrangement for such a piece. I like what you have done here.

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