Late Night (after Li Po)



The moon smiles upon my bed.
I consider frost and ice,
and raising my head, the bright sky.
Lying back, I think of home.


Once again, I’ve attempted to shiver myself into a timeless piece. I can only hope that my version does not offend.


The transliteration from follows:

Bed before bright moon shine
Think be ground on frost
Raise head view bright moon
Lower head think home



This originally appeared here in March 2014.

11 thoughts on “Late Night (after Li Po)

  1. I think your version interprets the original well, shining a light for those of us that may not quite understand the original. It’s a beautiful poem…both are. 🙂

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  3. Interesting reading this one after recent looking up at moon during lunar eclipse – I’d hoped for a few good pics but complications interfered (bit of haze between moon and me + unsteady tripod). Was the moon smiling at my clumsy attempts to do it justice? Perhaps hiding behind that veil of haze was a playful maneuver? [Some seriously good gazing once I abandoned the camera.]

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