Poem Live at Panoply


My poem “Helsinki” is live at Panoply. It was inspired in part by a Facebook thread on which editors commented on what caused them to instantly reject poems. One said beginning a poem at a window was cause for rejection. Hence the first line.

50 thoughts on “Poem Live at Panoply

  1. Congratulation again Robert, I think starting with a door is fine, and I do avoid looking through the window, maybe tattered/torn curtain is ok, as in my poem, “A Crack In The Wall”. Oh, I’ll have to go buy some more wine today, to help you celebrate tonight….

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  2. Robert, I especially liked this poem of yours. The playfulness, unapologetic voice to express freely regardless of what others value, as well as, the flow between words and spaces. I will read this one over and over to savor it.

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      • Minding it or not was not my premise. I also have a strong jaw. My reasoning is that it is insolence. Who are they to reject another’s art? Are they God’s of art. That is my point. It saddens me is all and angers me when people feel they are high and mighty enough to judge art, which is rightly above such ignorance and say they have a right to do it. They do not. That is my point. It struck a nerve with me is all. You do you and create and write and let it flow. Best work is done that way as opposed to overthinking every word because of another’s criticism. Just wanted to encourage you. Keep writing you.πŸ˜„β€

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  3. Beautiful poem, Robert. You know, sometimes these youngins can get a bit snarky. One (whose work I usually enjoy) complained recently about people whose poems were not very political. The complaint had something to do with wistfully looking out windows. But truth be told, long after this current regime in America is over, if we survive, we will still be wistfully looking out windows. And doors.

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    • Thanks, David. At my age I’ve realized that not every poem must scream with rage and pain. I think that some of the younger set concentrate on those to the detriment of their writing. There’s much more to life, and poetry, than raw emotion. And I’ll continue looking through the glass, no matter what.

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