Parkland Haibun

Parkland Haibun

What toll, dripping from his fingers? How does he sleep? Which truth
honored? The senator takes millions and offers prayers in lieu of action,
betraying the children, appeasing his benefactor. Seventeen chairs emptied
on this day, alone. He says nothing can be done, that laws are ineffective,
the shooting was “inexplicable.” What do his thoughts weigh? What griefs
will they bear? Can they reverse a bullet’s track or bring laughter back
to a family’s shattered life? Would any god answer this man’s prayers?

even the skunk balks

at Rubio’s empty words

ah, hypocrisy

73 thoughts on “Parkland Haibun

  1. I trust there is a tipping point … afraid we have not yet reached it. I am encouraged by the Florida students’ outcry, which is being carried by students across the US. They will be voters in the near future – truly, I think our future is in their hands. “Mature” politicians are playing a power game they cannot win and refuse to abandon as “losers”. Gods work in mysterious ways … I look inward to find something constructive to come from all this polarization and violence – still looking, not recognizing any gems … hard to see much with so MANY skunks strutting about!

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  2. You shouldn’t have to write this poem. We shouldn’t be having any conversations about these calculated incidents, which can be so calculated because of the availability of fire power.
    From across the pond, it’s just common sense as to what needs to happen. Doesn’t happen anywhere else because you can’t buy an automatic weapon at the same place you buy groceries. Alex Jones tried to compare our knife crime to gun crime, as if, were there no guns a student would be able to knife as many people as they shoot. Lunacy.

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  3. Well said, Robert. I’m hoping this latest atrocity will be the straw that breaks the backs of the NRA’s arguments, power, and influence. (And the arguments of all those who think it’s fine for any citizen to own “machine” guns.) Unfortunately today’s youth were born into the era of mass shootings and they think it’s a normal hazard of life. They need to know it’s NOT normal, but a relatively new hazard – that innocent children can be killed at school. It’s something my generation and even my sons’ generation could never have imagined.
    Thank you for this post, Robert.

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  4. Hi Robert, sorry I forgot to ask for your permission first, but I’ve hastily posted a link to your powerful poem in Ann Koplow’s article today, “Tipping Point”. her site is The Year(s) Of Living Non-Judgmentally. I’m so hoping this is ok with you.

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  5. I live 2 miles south of Parkland, know many people who live there, shop and exercise there and do business with many of its residents. It’s too close to home and I’m still in shock. It makes me sick to my stomach that the local authorities and the FBI ignored time and again the signs and the numerous reports about this monster by numerous people. Now they want to investigate? Now they want “to get to the bottom of this?” Well, they might as well save their stupid efforts as they are 17 lives late. I am a very angry citizen right now.

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  6. Your poem is a cry for sanity in a senseless, callous, compassionless, profit-driven culture. We like to quote the phrase “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” as part of our National identity, even when our “right to bear arms” deprives so many those very same American ideals. And I am so sickened and weary of hearing the banal phrase “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” — purely, an abdication of responsibility.

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  7. I’m so grateful for this post–my heart is sick with grief and anger both. God save us from the love of guns and money…and stupid, ineffective politicians and their love of “power” which they’ve left in a file cabinet somewhere.

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