Recording of “Forgetting Charm”


Forgetting Charm

Even your bones remember what you’ve long discarded.

This field of stone grows beyond sight.

In our house the tang of burnt sugars.

You say I love you in four languages I do not speak,
but never in the one I claim.

We light fires with stolen paper.

Douse them with stored rain.

Fragmented memories fill our cupboards.

Did I once know you?

Take these words from me.
Bury them in daylight.

* * *

“Forgetting Charm” was published in The Icarus Anthology in August 2017.

Music: “Crypto” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

29 thoughts on “Recording of “Forgetting Charm”

  1. Some strong lines in here Bob. The music in the background gives an ambiguous context, like in the film Burn After Reading, where there will be really intense music as if something big is just around the corner of the scene or even next shot, but the character is just making a sandwich & that is all that happens; there is this sort of jarring of contexts in tension with each other, which creates an interesting aesthetic, like the music gives the mundane importance.

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