Linda Gregerson on Poem-a-Day

I would listen eagerly to Linda Gregerson reading the ingredient labels on soup cans…

Read her poem “Slip,” then listen to her voice. You won’t regret it.


10 thoughts on “Linda Gregerson on Poem-a-Day

  1. Yes, yes, a good reader. Balances well the expression without over-acting it (which would suit some poems, but not this one I think.) I listened to another one she reads there too, which confirms that.

    Not her fault, but this recording sounds close-mic’ed and the recordist might have helped things by placing the mic above her nose and mouth–not that I haven’t inflicted worse on the public. And having to record any poem that repeats the word “slip,” one of those words that sizzles or pops so easily, is a challenge!

    Thanks for pointing her out.

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