The Stone Remains Silent Even When Disturbed



The Stone Remains Silent Even When Disturbed

In whose tongue
do you dream?
I fall closer to death

than birth, yet
the moon’s sliver
still parts the bare

branches and an unfilled
trench divides the
ground. Bit by bit,

we separate – you
remain in the earth,
recumbent, as I gather

years in stride.
Even the rain
leaves us alone.



This first appeared in December 2015.


2 thoughts on “The Stone Remains Silent Even When Disturbed

  1. Death has taken on new hues, contours since losing my son – “closer to death than birth” seems somehow desirable, death no longer seeming an end, just a transition (perhaps to something better). Meanwhile, I love pondering whether stones are really silent or simply inaudible to human ears …

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    • Death took on new meaning after my surprise heart attack nearly eight years ago. It never seemed close before then, but now it looms (but not malevolently) ahead. I like to think of stones as recordings that we just can’t hear. 🙂

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