Never Drink Anything Blue

blue drink

Never Drink Anything Blue

But always keep your options unzipped and
available to whatever slips in; the snake

lives in the attic for the rodents,
but occasionally takes a fledgling peewee

from a nest near its exit, while the scorpion
generally avoids light except for those nights

when moths seem too delectable to pass up.
Our governor whistles Beethoven but switches to

the hymnal when campaigning, and I’ve announced
a need for organic zucchini when craving a craft

beer. Confession is good for the soul, except
when it’s bad for the body. “Think with words,

not with ideas,” Sontag wrote, and Williams said
“no idea but in things.” Of course he was just writing

a poem. Baking is chemistry – measure carefully –
but cook with abandon! Whoever said “keep your

friends close but your enemies closer,” slept
alone most nights, or not at all. Born in Louisiana,

I am the product of an illegal union, but which
half should be interred where? Both sun and

moon rise and set. Is anything incorruptible?
Drink everything blue. Everything.


“Never Drink Anything Blue” was drafted during the August 2015 Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, and appeared here in March 2016. Many thanks to Stop Dragging the Panda, who sponsored and provided the title.

6 thoughts on “Never Drink Anything Blue

  1. If my gears are spinning correctly your reference to Governor (assuming Texas) would be the same guy we are still stuck with. Cannot imagine him whistling Beethoven – seems far less sophisticated than that – touting hymnals does fit. Far better if he would hide out in his mansion and whistle (whatever he might choose) – just stop blocking human rights and gerrymandering districts. Many hope someone will blow a whistle on his manipulations. He’s a very-red Republican – so yup, here’s to drinking everything blue.

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    • When Perry left office I was relieved. He was a blight who did everything he could to dismantle higher education, especially at The University of Texas. Alas, he was replaced by another blight who is set on destroying human rights and democracy.

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