Outward, the quest for
space and the wings’

hunger to unfold and
shed this home of dark
flesh and encompassing desire.

And each thing remembered, the broken
sheath, the flowering desert’s return,

reflects the notion of being, of intent
in action and its corollary,

the gift of living through death.

* * *

“Wasp” first appeared here in October 2015.


65 thoughts on “Wasp

  1. There’s that motif again of the birth/life made possible only through brokenness/death. There must be something to it, for season after season, it builds its nest in my heart, and just at the moment I believe I can’t bear another winter, the black sheath cracks, falls away, and reveals a new way to hope.

    Thank you.

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    • They eat and are eaten. Some of our ground dwellers battle tarantulas, and when victorious, drag them to their underground lairs where they lay their eggs in the still-living body of the spider. It’s hard to feel sympathy for the spider, but…

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      • to be eaten means they serve a function at least, i should know that really, i just hate the things. if only people would give up sweet things they may not be such a bother.
        i wouldn’t mind watching a spar off between an ant & a tarantuala. i watched a goshawk slaughter a pigeon & haul it up off the road, or try, a hire car scared it off.

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  2. Just this morning on my walk I saw a swarming of what I am assuming were wasps – although their coats were so shiny and blue. Maybe native to Australia. All the walkers were zigzagging around them. What power in such a little body. I really appreciate how you’ve found the gift of life in them.

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  4. “gift of living through death…”
    we die a thousand times when sleep, but by sleep every human organ is always healing no matter how deep is the wound.
    Yes human body is the culmination of every living being itself

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