You are the Name

You are the name
I whisper
to clouds.

Excerpt from “To the Light Entering the Shack One December Evening,” in From Every Moment a Second, available for prepublication order via Finishing Line Press. The poem first appeared in Shantih, in December 2016.

18 thoughts on “You are the Name

  1. Very nice. You are doing a great job marketing your collection. From reviews, to peeks, to illustrated cover preview. You have earned your followers with kindness and interest in the work of others. May this be a very successful effort. I’ve got my order in!

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    • Thanks, Joan. The marketing effort consumes a lot of time, and I don’t want to overdo it, but at the same time I have a responsibility to the publisher. On the one hand, I wish someone (anyone) else would handle this aspect of the business. On the other hand, there is no one else. 🙂

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